Everyone, in this world, has his/her own lifestyle, and everyone faces alot of problems in their lives. So even there is a huge diversity, but still there is a point were we are similar to each other. After getting such problems which were not expected by the person (or which are not under control of the person, he/she starts questioning like Why me, God?

So it is better to….

Some times it seems like we are the only ones who are suffering from such kinds of problems but that is not necessarily true.

Actually, the truth is they have more resistance then us and that is why they always succeed in hiding their problems.


As we all are familiar with the fact that Corona virus disease caused by a newly discovered corona virus. And we all know it’s symptoms and preventions. But there are some more important life long morals which are important to remember.

1. It is been clear by this disaster that society need hard working section of Front line warriors. In this calamitous circumstances, this section were termed as Heros of society.

2. This holocaust proves that Nature has its own way of healing power. Some people also think that this act of God is the revenge of nature

The list goes on….

To conclude, We should care about everyone in our vicinity and we should contribute our support to society by staying at home and breaking the chain. Meanwhile, we can learn new things to stay busy (actually trying different things can help us to stay brave at this devastating time.)